Bug Browser for Amazon Alexa

Bug Browser provides information security, programming, and bug news, education, and reference all in one skill. Bug Browser will teach you how to hack, tell you what a specific bug is, check if you have been hacked, provide a comprehensive briefing on cybersecurity around the world, a list of recent breaches, security tips, information about bug bounty programs and bug bounty platforms, the BugCrowd VRT, active HackerOne programs, and active BugCrowd bounties as well as provide additional information on these bounties.

Developed in the Bay Area by Avi Shah and Naval Patel.

Enable the Bug Browser Skill on Amazon Alexa

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"For bug bounty hunters, bug hunting is a passion. The Bug Browser Alexa Skill allows a hacker to keep up to date with hacking news, helps them find stuff to hack on, and it can even teach some of the basics of hacking. And this can all come from a device on your countertop. Very cool!"

-Sam Senior Community Manager at BugCrowd

"Bug Browser is great. It lets me know if my data has been leaked as a result of data breaches as well as providing general cybersecurity information and news."

-Rasim Amazon User

Optimized for Echo Spot and Echo Show

Here's what our skill looks like on Alexa-enabled devices with displays:

Supported Phrases

Try some of these sample utterances:


Learn about bugs including those in your own code (powered by StackOverflow answers)

Learn about security breaches and ones that may affect you

Learn about best security practices and how to secure your accounts, devices, and data after a hack

Learn about BugCrowd and HackerOne

Get bounties from BugCrowd and/or HackerOne (Sorted by NEWEST first)

Get more bounties beyond the first set of cards provided (Sorted by NEWEST first)

Get additional details for bounties from BugCrowd and/or HackerOne

Learn about recent vulnerability disclosure from HackerOne

Learn about hacking news from several sources using News API

Learn about the Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT) and vulnerability priorities as outlined by BugCrowd

Learn about HTTP status codes

Learn about cybersecurity through video tutorials (Echo Spot and Echo Show only)